Leaving Cert Biology Ordinary Level

Leaving Cert Biology Ordinary Level

By Peter Jackson

  • Release Date : 2013-04-10
  • Genre : Education
  • FIle Size : 100.30 MB


Leaving Cert Biology Ordinary Level If you are studying for the Irish Leaving Cert biology exam, you will find this ebook a very useful resource. It is intended for students studying for the ordinary level examination.

This ebook covers all of the course. 

This multi-touch ebook contains solutions to exam questions from 2006 to the present. Solutions are presented in an attractive manner using popups or presentations which make it easy for the student to understand the material. The author gives valuable tips to help you improve your grade in biology. What you need to know for each topic is presented as Learning Outcomes which are placed at the beginning of each chapter. Key terms that you must learn are contained in the glossary and study cards. Leaving Cert exam papers can be downloaded for FREE which enhances the value of this book as an examination tool.

Students can interact with this book through being able to highlight text, add their own notes, lookup words/text in the dictionary, share using email, Facebook and Twitter.

Chapter Contents: 
1. Multiple Topics
2. Scientific Method
3. Nutrition and Biomolecules
4. Ecology
5. Microscope & Cells
6. Enzymes
7. Photosynthesis
8. Respiration
9. DNA & Protein Synthesis
10. Genetics
11. Microbiology
12. Plant Structure & Function
13. Plant Reproduction
14. Plant Response & Growth Regulation
15. Blood, Lymphatic & Defence Systems
16. Breathing System
17. Digestive System
18. Excretory System
19. Nervous System
20. Musculoskeletal System
21. Reproductive System

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